About me (Ms Sofola)

Ms Sofola

I love teaching maths…

…and have taught secondary maths in North London for 13 years. As Head of Maths, I worked within senior leadership teams to lead a successful department and many whole school initiatives, and consequently I developed a thorough understanding of the many aspects of the secondary maths curriculum and its associated exams.

I have led a number of associated research projects which have afforded me a well-informed academic and practitioner-based insight into the field of maths education.

My teaching and research have always prioritised the importance of ensuring student confidence and motivation, allowing them to fully engage in their own learning and maximise their achievement.

I am fiercely passionate about supporting positive and effective educational experiences for all and have a proven ability to ensure that my students make excellent progress, whilst retaining a positive view of mathematics, and I am excited to now use these skills to support students in need of more personalised tuition.

Relevant Qualifications

B.Eng Electronic Engineering

PGCE – Mathematics (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)

M.Ed – Ability Grouping & Student Self-concept in Mathematics

NPQSL – Raising Achievement in Maths and English through ‘Assertive Mentoring’ programmes (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership)

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E-mail info@sofolamaths.com Hours Weekdays 10am - 6pm Weekends 10am - 3pm
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