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Choose from face-to-face or online sessions for an individual or a pair of students.

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Currently unavailable, please see online options further below

1 student

Key Stage 2 (year 6)

Reinforce mental arithmetic and develop mathematical fluency with a focus on exam skills using past paper material

KS2 SATs from £35

11+ examinations from £40

Key Stage 3 (year 7&8)

Develop mathematical fluency in preparation for GCSE study, with a focus on number and algebra skills.

from £40


Reinforce mathematical fluency and develop application skills with a focus on past paper material to prepare students for GCSE examinations.

Year 9&10 from £40

Year 11 from £45

A level

Bridge the gap from GCSE to A level maths with a focus on typical A level exam questions (Core and Mechanics)

from £50

2 students

(Prices shown per person)

Students must be in the same year group at the same school and share similar target grades/levels.

Key Stage 2

As descibed above

KS2 SATs from £25 (Year 6)

11+ examinations from £30

 Key Stage 3

As described above

from £30


As described above

from £35

One to one online sessions

(Enquire here for pairs and larger groups)

Key Stage 3

Year 7 & 8 from £30


Year 9&10 from £35

Year 11 from £45

A level

from £50

Home-school tuition

Please contact me to discuss.

* SofolaMaths is based in North London. The total cost for sessions taking place at addresses requiring over 30 mins travel time, may include an additional fee.

Request to book sessions or make an enquiry.

E-mail info@sofolamaths.com Hours Weekdays 10am - 6pm Weekends 10am - 3pm
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