About my tutoring


When it comes to learning maths…

…every mind is different, and several years of teaching experience have allowed me to develop clear, student-friendly explanations that simplify the most difficult of mathematical concepts.

…confidence is key, so my sessions are relaxed but purposeful to help minimise maths anxiety and maximise progress.

…understanding is vital but only practice makes progress, so I use specially designed student-led review tasks to assess understanding and provide regular personalised feedback.

All of my tuition options follow an Assess – Teach – Review model throughout, to provide a clear and detailed picture of each student’s individual progress.

Assess – Students complete an initial diagnostic test to reveal areas requiring development.

Teach – A series of sessions are planned to develop the student’s understanding of their weaker areas as highlighted.

Review – Following each unit, the student completes a brief independent exercise which is marked and used to plan next steps.

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E-mail info@sofolamaths.com Hours Weekdays 10am - 6pm Weekends 10am - 3pm
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